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February 2019

Holy Bridget and Holy Elisabeth


They are two Swedish women who seek God. In a way both alike and unlike:

Bridget comes from the aristocracy, she is born in Sweden in the fourteenth century, at a time when the church has not yet lived through the protestant reformation, and Europe is characterized by a number of tragic events: the hundred-year war between England and France, the battle over the papacy's authority, the pope's exile in Avignon, the scourge of black death. Although she feels a strong religious calling, she becomes married and mother of eight children, and it is precisely this maternal and upbringing dimension that will greatly influence her calling for a holy life.

Elisabeth comes from modest living conditions, she comes to the world in Sweden at the end of the nineteenth century and is born into the Evangelical-Lutheran faith. In other words, she is a child of the Reformation, in a nation where the Evangelical-Lutheran teaching is a state religion, in a church that is no longer assembled, and in a Europe approaching a century where millennial kingdoms dissolve, and to be hit by two world wars and by the massacres of Nazism and communism. Elisabeth also never marries and experiences no motherhood other than spirituality.

If one disregards the common Scandinavian roots, then the two worlds may seem very different, and they are also. But if you study the two stories, one still discovers countless lines of connection, and there are a lot of circumstances, both historical and spiritual, that make Birgitta and Elisabeth inseparable, almost as if one were a reflection of the other.

We want to share with you these two saints. In their grace we can mirror ourselves.
From Aldo Maria Valli: The girl who sought God (p. 10-11).


Retreat leaflet

7. (8.) - 10. February 2019, Retreat in Nidaros in cooperation with the Bridgettine Sisters  arranges retreat at the convent.

Please sign up within 1. February 2019.

See leaflet.

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Når jeg ikke ser den.

Når jeg går sakte, sakte ...

Når vi er i en vanskelig tid.

Når jeg går forbi noe som hindrer.

Når jeg lærer av andre.

Når alt går bra.

Når jeg velger den rette veien.

Når Gud hjelper oss å finne, 
den rette veien i våre liv.

Herre, kan du være med oss ...

Herre, vi vil være som blomster som åpner seg og sprer vellukt.
Slik vil vi selv åpne våre hjerter til Ditt lys. Lyset gir nåde.


I forbindelse med festen for Hellige Birgitta 23. juli.

Vi ber med Birgittas ord:


Vis meg veien.

Kom snart og lys opp i min natt!

Som en døende lengter,

Slik lengter jeg etter deg.

Si til min sjel,

at intet du tillater, er uten håp.

Å, Jesus, Guds sønn.

Taus sto du foran dine dommere.

Gi meg å tie inntil jeg har besinnet meg,

på hva jeg skal si og hvordan jeg skal tale.

Vis meg veien, og gjør meg villig til å gå videre.

Så oppfyll da min lengsel og vis meg veien.

Jeg kommer til Deg som den sårete kommer til legen.

Herre, gi mitt hjerte ro.