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September 2016

Saint Elisabeth's Health Condition

Holy Elisabeth HesselbladMother Elizabeth lived with the Carmelite sisters in Piazza Farnese. The monastic life is progressing day by day. Patiently Elisabeth makes contact with the Bridgettine convents she knows in Europe, and especially with the Syon Abbey near London. Elisabeth's health condition is, however, so frail that the family tries to persuade her to return to the motherland, where she, in their view, would be able to get a better treatment.
Elisabeth is unwavering, and despite all the difficulties, she sees only the positive aspects. In the midst of August, she misses the Swedish summer breezes more than ever, she writes: "The sisters are very kind and do everything they can for me. They have chickens below in the courtyard, and serves me fresh eggs. My little capital would never be able to stretch to any other place than this, because here you can get medical treatment without pay, they do it for love of God ".
Despite The Carmelite Sister's care, Elisabeth's health condition is so miserable that the prioress one day decides to ask a priest to give her an anointing of the sick.
The patient describes her clinical picture in a letter. As a professional nurse, Elisabeth knows perfectly well how things are: "The many wounds that during the last twelve years has occurred in stomach tissue, has caused the stomach to grow into muscles and the liver. Some of the old wounds are open, other places they have formed scars, which prevents food from passing, and this causes other ailments, including a persistent headache, which makes it impossible for me to read long. For periods it is not much I can do; either I'm sitting at the little table in my cell and makes small packets that are sent around the world to stimulate interest in our saints, or else I lie on the bed and sews a little, embroidering or work with wood carving."

Aldo Maria Valli: The girl who sought God
The life of Maria Elisabeth Hesselblad

Sister Edith and Sister Stella's 25 years anniversary

At the feast for St. Bridget 7. October 2016, The Bridgettine sisters invite you to celebrate the 25 years anniversary for the sisters Edith and Stella giving their eternal vows.
The celebration starts with holy mass at 8 am, and reception afterwards. Please register within 3.10.2016.

See invitation.

Mother Elisabeth Hesselblad declared saint  5. June 2016

Holy Maria Elisabeth Hesselblad

During the mass in St. Peter's square in The Vatican, Pope Francis declared Elisabeth Hesselblad as saint.
Holy Mother Elisabeth is the founder of that branch of the Bridgettine order to which the sisters at Tiller belongs.

Mother Elisabeth was delared saint together with Stanislaus Papczynski of Jesus and Mary

See video recording from the Mass.

Sisters from Trondheim and Norwegian friends visited Rome

A group of sisters and Norwegian friends visited Rome and participated in the canonization.

See album from the visit.

Welcome to the Bridgettine Sisters!

We wish you welcome with some pictures of sisters on an excursion out in the beautiful nature surrounding Trondheim.

Father Jose on visit from MexicoSisters walking in the woodSisters walking in the woodField flowers

The Bridgettine Convent is open for all visitors that want to stay in our Guesthouse.

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Når jeg ikke ser den.

Når jeg går sakte, sakte ...

Når vi er i en vanskelig tid.

Når jeg går forbi noe som hindrer.

Når jeg lærer av andre.

Når alt går bra.

Når jeg velger den rette veien.

Når Gud hjelper oss å finne, 
den rette veien i våre liv.

Herre, kan du være med oss ...

Herre, vi vil være som blomster som åpner seg og sprer vellukt.
Slik vil vi selv åpne våre hjerter til Ditt lys. Lyset gir nåde.


I forbindelse med festen for Hellige Birgitta 23. juli.

Vi ber med Birgittas ord:


Vis meg veien.

Kom snart og lys opp i min natt!

Som en døende lengter,

Slik lengter jeg etter deg.

Si til min sjel,

at intet du tillater, er uten håp.

Å, Jesus, Guds sønn.

Taus sto du foran dine dommere.

Gi meg å tie inntil jeg har besinnet meg,

på hva jeg skal si og hvordan jeg skal tale.

Vis meg veien, og gjør meg villig til å gå videre.

Så oppfyll da min lengsel og vis meg veien.

Jeg kommer til Deg som den sårete kommer til legen.

Herre, gi mitt hjerte ro.


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