Mother Elizabeth who sought God

Holy ElizabethAll earthly beauties look like a dream long ago;
The sacred desire that fills my soul
just the sight of Him we want to see,
face to face in the eternal morning.

Holy M. Elisabeth August 7, 1907


Mother Elisabeth had a close relationship with God. She spoke to him and helped people with practical things. As a nurse she could see and understand them. She became ill and in need of help herself. Therefore, she became a nurse to help others. She did not spare herself, she was ready to help. Once she met a Catholic who had a rosary. She did not understand why prayers must be asked and repeated many times. At that time she was a Protestant. She was already on the road to Catholicism, the belief that filled her soul. A few years later she brings it to her family in Sweden. Faith becomes stronger and stronger, but she did not escape the disease, and illness require energy and time.

She says suffering is the path that leads to the cross. She immerses herself in the mysteries of the cross. She mirrors in the Holy Bridget country women. She travels to Bridget’s house Piazza Farnese in Rome. Mother house for all Bridgettine sisters.

Mother Elisabeth Hesselblad was born on June 4, 1870 in Sweden.


Holy Elisabeth pray for us.


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