Julemarked lørdag 18. november 2023, kl.12.00.


Vi starter dagen med gudstjeneste kl 11.00 på klosteret.

Det vil være åpen kaffe, loddsalg, salg av hjembakte brød og kaker, lys, håndarbeider m.m.

Vi har åpent frem til kl 16:00 Ta med familie og venner og besøk oss! Velkommen!

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Mother Elizabeth who sought God

Holy ElizabethAll earthly beauties look like a dream long ago;
The sacred desire that fills my soul
just the sight of Him we want to see,
face to face in the eternal morning.

Holy M. Elisabeth August 7, 1907


Mother Elisabeth had a close relationship with God. She spoke to him and helped people with practical things. As a nurse she could see and understand them. She became ill and in need of help herself. Therefore, she became a nurse to help others. She did not spare herself, she was ready to help. Once she met a Catholic who had a rosary. She did not understand why prayers must be asked and repeated many times. At that time she was a Protestant. She was already on the road to Catholicism, the belief that filled her soul. A few years later she brings it to her family in Sweden. Faith becomes stronger and stronger, but she did not escape the disease, and illness require energy and time.

She says suffering is the path that leads to the cross. She immerses herself in the mysteries of the cross. She mirrors in the Holy Bridget country women. She travels to Bridget’s house Piazza Farnese in Rome. Mother house for all Bridgettine sisters.

Mother Elisabeth Hesselblad was born on June 4, 1870 in Sweden.


Holy Elisabeth pray for us.


Welcome to the Bridgettine Convent!

Priest students with Bridgettine sisters The four first sisters that came to Tallin
Friends of the sisters Mother Fabia and the sisters in Tallin

The Bridgettine Convent is open to visitors that want to live in the  guesthouse.

These sisters constitute the community at The Bridgettine Convent at Tiller.
All have given their eternal vows.

b. - born
v. - year for vows
Photo: Per Christian Bjelke


sr. Patrizia

Sr. M. Patrizia Telese

b. in Avellino/Italy 1945

v. 1963, 1969 


sr. Edith

Sr. M. Edith (Cecilia ) Botello Botello

b. in Tacambaro de Codallos, Mich/Mexico 1971

v. 1991, 1996




sr. Stella

Sr. M. Stella Vadasseri

b. in Kerala/India 1971

v. 1991,1996




sr. Enza

Sr. M. Enza (Adriana) Ornelas Zamora

fb. in Tacambaro de Codallos, Mich/Mexico 1974

v. 1993, 1998


sr. Lilia

Sr. M. Lilia Wielek

b. in Tychy/Poland 1973

v. 1995, 2000


sr. Carmelita

Sr. M. Carmelita (Mary) Lasrado

b. in Mysore/India 1966

v. 1989, 1994


sr. Deepa

Sr. M. Deepa Thumponath George

b. in Kerala/India 1983

v. 2003, 2009




sr. Chiara

Sr. M. Chiara Kunnathu

b. in India 1982

v. 2004, 2010




sr. Kevin

Sr. M. Kevin Amirthyan

f. Nager Coil i India 1979

l: 1999, 2005







Former members of the community

sr. Montserrat

Sr. M. Montserrat Perez Hernandez

f. i Tacambaro de Codallos, Mich/Mexico 1981

l: 2007


May 2019



Mary our Mother


Mary we come to you.

We will be close to you and feel your care.

We pray for all who have lost their family and friends in Sri Lanka.

We kneel in front of you, quietly and our eyes meet you.

But your loving eyes have already seen us.

Maria you understand us, even though we do not understand, and say much.

It is good to have a mother who look after us.

Mary our Savior and Mother,
pray for us.




Welcome to the Bridgettine Sisters!


Flowers Flowers
Flowers Flowers


The Bridgettine Convent is open for all visitors that want to stay in our Guesthouse.




The church is solemnly consecrated

Fra venstre: Arkitekt Lars Meland, pater Fredrik Hansen, moder Tekla Famiglietti og biskop Bernt Eidsvig.

From left: Architect Lars Meland, pater Fredrik Hansen, mater Tekla Famiglietti and bishop Bernt Eidsvig.
Photo: Heidi H. Øyma, St. Olav kirkeblad.

Saturday, 2nd of April was a great day for The Bridgettine Sisters in Trondheim.
The convent church was consecrated in a solemn and beautiful mass with bishop Bernt Eidsvig as principal celebrant.

Every seat in the convent  church were occupied by guest and local participants.
Abbess general from The Bridgettines main convent in Rome performed her address to the sisters in Trondheim.

The catholic church in Trondheim was well represented by bishop, clergy, sisters and brothers of catholic orders, and members of the congregation.

The Church of Norway participated by bishop Tor Singsaas of Nidaros and local clergy.
From the Municipality of Trondheim participated Randi Sakshaug.

The church is open during mass and prayers. All are welcome.
See the calendar for details.


Bishop Bernt Eidsvig's sermon (in Norwegian)

Photos from the consecration

Program booklet for the consecration mass (in Norwegian)


From pope Benedict XVI.   Norwegian    Italian.

From nuncio archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig.   English.

From abbess general  m. Tekla Famiglietti.   English    Italian.


Report from katolsk.no

Read  extensive report and see more photos. (in Norwegian)

Previously published

Press release (in Norwegian).
Press photos.

Information to press and media (in Norwegian).