On July 23, we celebrate the Feast of Holy Birgitta

Holy BridgetWe think of her life. We see that she lived her life like other people.
By being human, she enriched her family and society with her charity. She taught her children to care for the sick.

In today's society, we need people who can be present. It can be a mother who gives food to her children and who is not as concerned with mobile or television. It is nice to see a 6 year old child helping her blind father and her little siblings. We see in everyday life how many good actions in different ways can enrich our society and ourselves.

Holy Mother Birgitta, help us so that we can help others with what we can and give our time to those who need it.

Holy Mother Birgitta, pray for us!
Holy Olav, pray for us!


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 The Bridgettine Convent is open for all that want to stay in our guesthouse.